Welcome to the new and improved krisrietveld.com

This will be the hub for everything that I do:
Large venues, small sessions. Big releases, obscure unreleased content. DIY videos, superbly shot and edited clips. Beautiful pictures, strange images. You get the point.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about why I needed a website, and how the look and feel of my new website should be. After a while I decided that it should be a gathering place for all my different (mostly music related) activities. I’m a diverse musician, and a diverse human being (just like most people I’ve ever met) so I wanted to be be able to present everything that I do, and everything that inspires me.


On this website you will be able to find all my officially released material as well as all the stuff I worked on and won’t be released but I still think is worth the light of day

That’s why I made the ‘EXTRA’ section. Here I will post all my soundcloud activities, with a little explanation on why it’s relevant, and why I chose to upload it. (maybe even some lyrics)
The rest of the site is pretty straight forward.

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Thanks for stopping by!