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Anan Den Boer once sent me this instrumental. I freaked to it with for the duration of what must have been an evening and part of a night with the assistance of what some would call spirit enhancing narcotics. This is what I ended up with. Lot of credits due to Anan for putting the synth and drum parts together!
His title was ‘Floggy’ (only god knows what that stands for)
My title was ‘Promised Land’ (as in the last part of the lyric in the B part of the song)
It’s freaky.. that’s why I like it! Hope you do too!

I made this track quite some time ago. I remember getting the idea for it in my dad’s apartment in Geneva. Maybe that’s why he really really likes it. I think he even had it as his ringtone for a while. I don’t think it is ever going to make it to an official release, so I figured: ‘Hey, if my dad likes it that much maybe others will too’ So here it is: ‘Dirty Talk’
(As most things on this part of my website it never made it out of the demo stage.)

One from my older archives. It’s me freaking to a J Dilla beat.

I wanna ride with you baby and it don’t realy matter if you make me sit shotgun
Just let me slide right right in, put your foot down, and i’m a gonna see where we’re going
I will stick to my side of the lane if you will, and even if you don’t baby
I will ride with you till the end of the road and you can keep your hands on the wheel
(is y’all allright?)
I don’t know but could you turn down the window a little because it’s realy getting hot in here

Girl ever since you came into town
I’ve been tryin’ to hold it down
But I can’t keep it in no more
The way you move your ass and your feet
To the rub-a-dub of the beat
Girl I can see that you’re in control
So take me along I’m depending on you to show me the way baby
So if you ever think of skippin’ the scene
Let me come in between and maybe we can go all out together

I wrote this song together with my father a couple of years back. I think it took us the bigger part of a day to come up with the song. It took me another afternoon to get the lyrics together and record the vocals for the demo. My dad plays the guitar. It never made it beyond the demo phase, but when I hear it I still enjoy it, so why not share it?