Ready to Fly

In preparation of my upcoming EP I have put some live studio recordings out there of which this was the second. This one is called “Ready To Fly”.

I wrote this together with Glenn Gaddum.
The chorus had been on my phone for quite some time. An idea that I kept around just in case there ever was a time where I could put it to good use. The day came when I was at Glenn gaddum’s for a day of good old song writing. We tampered with this song a lot. A previous version had completely different chord changes in the chorus, which made it kind of tediously boring to me. So we came up with these changes and then we felt like we had it.
The song is about how sometimes we are promised the world, but must try to see through the deceptive mist of promised succes in order to be able to asses the possibilities from a more objective standpoint. Which is hard. But might just prevent a lot of disappointment. But most of all it’s about making sure you are ready to go and have all your affairs in order before you actually take the plunge, and once you feel you are ready, then push the throttle as hard as you possibly can.

If you want to read more about the recording day the click HERE

I wrote this song with Glenn Gaddum jr.
These songs were recorded at Studio Helmbreker in Haarlem, Holland. Recording engineer: Shai Solan. Mixed and mastered by Glenn Gaddum jr. and Kris Rietveld at ‘The Gaddum Lab’