New Single: ‘What Goes Up’

My new single ‘What Goes Up’ is officially out! Get it on iTunes, Google Play or Amazon
I decided to release this song as a part of the launch of my new website and newsletter. (for which you can Subscribe here) it’s not part of any future EP or album release. That much was clear. So it could have ended up in the ‘EXTRA’ section on this website. But it didn’t… it’s on iTunes y’all! Making it my first officially released original music.

What the song is about

‘What goes up’ is about being reluctant to start something because you might not be able to finish it
When you hear people say stuff like ‘all good things must come to an end’ or ‘what goes up must come down’ it makes you wonder. Will that apply to me? To my career? To my life? Cause that would be horrific.
Imagine having the feeling that you are well on your way. Working hard. Getting stuff done. But then halfway you figure out that you’ve peeked a while ago without noticing and that you’re already on your way down. Facing that possibility would make you question if you want to even start to begin with.

How it was made

The song came to be in the ‘Gaddum Lab’. The studio of one of my main men Glenn Gaddum jr (Producer and bass player extraordinair). We wanted to do something raw. Something uncut.
Once we had the ideas for the chorus and verses we still needed a bridge or what some would call it the middle eight.
We came up with a few ideas that didn’t really work until we conjured up the horrible idea of putting some funk in it. Because hey… Why the heck not?
We were surprised by the seemingly organic nature of the Frankenstein style mix up. So we decided to keep it in.
After we finished the song it immediately kinda fell out of fashion with the both of us. So we didn’t follow up on it, and it got shelved for a while. But when we both heard it again a couple weeks ago it suddenly fell right back in to fashion with us.

You can listen to the song and buy it HERE
I hope you like the song. If so support me by buying it and cranking it up to eleven driving down the freeway with the windows way down.