New Single: ‘Right Here’

My Latest Single Is Out Now!

The song is called ‘Right Here’ and it’s available through all your favorite digital outlets.
You can also listen to it in the player below, check it out on Spotify or visit my music page for links to some of the available online stores.

How the song came to be

I wrote and produced the song together with Glenn Gaddum jr
He came up with the beat somewhere back in 2014. He played it for me and I immediately loved the sound of the gated reverb and the modal synth harmonies. It sat in a folder of my computer for some time while we were finishing up other stuff and starting new stuff. When we finally picked it up again it didn’t take that much work to finish the song. The production was a journey of it’s own. We tried some (to us) new techniques which worked out wonderfully. The track was mastered by the amazing Darcy Proper in her mastering room at Wisseloord Studio’s. (And boy, now I know why she’s considered one of the best in the business)


About the song

‘Right Here’ is one of the most personal things I have put out so far.

It describes how parts of my life changed in the process of becoming a father. When I found out that we were having a baby I somehow felt like I only had little time left to live my life as I had come to know and love it. It describes the conflict between taste for everlasting youth and the inevitability of adulthood. And how it all suddenly fades to a distant noise once you first hold her in your arms.


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