A girl ❤️

I don’t intend to put a lot of really personal or private  stuff up on this news feed, but for this I had to make an exception.

So here goes:

I am thrilled to tell the world that Esther and I are going to be parents.
And we just found out that it’s going to be a baby girl. Yeah!
I am super happy and anxiously nervous at the same time. Two things that go remarkably well together.
Mother and (unborn) daughter are in great health and everything seems to be going according to plan.

Our due date is in September
We are over the moon ❤️❤️

I just might write a song for the little unborn. If I do I will post it right here and let you know through my newsletter. So make sure to subscribe below!


PS: I wrote the song. Listen to it Right Here or read about it in my news post You can also check it out on Spotify, Itunes or wherever you like to get your music