Beautiful Strangers // Fletcher Hotel | Berg en Dal
May 10, 2019
9:00 pm
Berg en Dal
Fletcher Hotel

Beautiful Strangers Club Tour: Let’s Go Crazy

After the huge succes of the two theater tours we have embarked on a club tour. For this club tour we have gone even deeper into the Prince repertoire and have attempted to find the best way to capture the energy, the spirit and the freedom of his music in a full club show. It is once again an honor to have the opportunity to represent the legacy of this man in a humble and honest way. The collective is performing under the new name: ‘Beautiful Strangers’

Tour schedule

The tour dates can be found on de LIVE section of my website. For more information on the band and the tour check out

Line up

I am once again honored to share the stage with the likes of:
David Dam (Zang)  Link
Jessy Hay (Gitaar & Zang) Link
Anan den Boer (Toetsen) Link
Joan Comoposada (Bas) Link
Efraim De Nijs Latuheru (Drums) Link
Willem van der Krabben (Drums) Link
Efe Erdem (Trombone) Link
Marc Mangin (Sax) Link
Randell Heye (Trumpet) Link