Nothing Compares To You

Last week, on the 21st of April, a great inspirational force has left our world.

When I first learned Prince had come to pass I was in Portugal. It shook my mind and took my breath away for a short while. Tears followed.
Why it had such a huge impact on me was something I found  hard to understand at first. Certainly I wasn’t the biggest Prince fan ever. So after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that this mans music did in fact have a huge impact on my personal way of making and approaching music and songwriting. His way of arranging, his way of funking, his use of sounds, his attitude, his lyrics, his progressiveness. The more time passes the clearer it becomes to me what kind of influences I inherited from him and his music. Be it directly or indirectly.

So understandably it came as a great honor to me to be asked to sing a song at the Prince tribute concert in Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL) the Monday after his passing.
This huge tribute was put together in a matter of days (obviously) by Bo (Saris on hold), Alvin Lewis Alexander van Popta, and a whole lot of other people behind the scenes. An enormous effort that resulted in a beautiful night in one of Hollands most acclaimed pop temples. The venue was completely packed. The audience was beautiful. The artists and band members were radiating an absolute urgency to pay tribute to the man that had inspired them all in more ways then they themselves even knew.
The resulting concert was a thing of beauty. And it was streamed live to thousands of people through YouTube’s streaming service. The entire concert can be reviewed on YouTube.
My personal attribution to the evening can be seen one hour and thirty-eight minutes in. (Or click HERE)

Then there was also another Prince tribute the following Friday in ‘De Vorstin’ (Hilversum, NL)
This one was a little more modest in its setup but worthwhile for me none the less. Pictures of this tribute are on my website and can be found HERE

Just hearing the reactions we got from different members of the audience made it even more clear what kind of an impact this man has made.
May he rest in peace.